Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I almost forgot how this thing works

I won't try to recap the whole year but here are some highlights and recent craft endeavors (in no particular order)

::  I made this cute dress for Anna.  It is one of the first things that I have made that turned out perfectly.  Funny how taking your time and following directions will do that for you.

:: And the not so perfect.  Teacher gifts.  Cute, but they took forevah to make.

:: The last painting of 2012

::  Anna's first piano recital.  She played Deck the Halls and Ode to Joy.

::  Lucy's dance recital

::  Working with Anna on a joint painting.

::  Someone started kindergarten!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

First painting of 2012

This was a commissioned piece.  My favorite part is the sedum (or is it sedums?  sedii?) in the front.  I may have to do a painting of those just for me.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

December, January, February

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties at our house, thus no blogging (or Christmas cards in case you were wondering).
We have had a fun and delightfully mild winter.  Plenty of bike riding and our little Lu learned how to ride without training wheels right before her 5th birthday.  We ingested near lethal quantities of food coloring for her birthday (thank you pinterest).  We all had a delightful time at the Lodge for New Year's and some unexpected friendships were formed, as often happens at the Lodge.
  Fun times spent with our cousins too!

More to come.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween night.  Dorky mom made us wear jackets.
Lucy's own idea for a costume, blood woman.  
And a beautiful ballerina

Christmas gift bags!  I'm so ahead of myself this year.  I actually have gifts purchased!

Happy November!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I did this summer: Part III

: :  A special painting for some special people.

: :  I have done a lot painting this summer. I had big ideas for the girls' room paintings but so did they.  A cat eating ice cream?  A dog eating an ice cream sundae while sitting on a rainbow?  How could I not fulfill those requests?

: : I made a Superman skirt for a not-so-girly girl.  I love her style.

: : Another lamp! Pottery barn, eat your heart out.  I made this is just a few minutes (and a trip to target).  I had this sitting on the kitchen counter (note banana) on a grey day and it was so lovely.

: :  A trio of HP pillows.  This was a craft project with my niece who took 2 of the pillows off to college with her.

I have a little girl here requesting glitter. Gotta go.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I did this summer. Part II

And now for the scary adventures.  In June a quick and fierce storm blew through our neck of the woods.  It is the first time we have had to get in the basement during a storm.  Have you seen our basement?  Have you seen Silence of the Lambs?

These are just a few of the many, many trees in our neighborhood that fell during the storm and the one on the tree service truck fell two days after the storm. Most of the trees were 100+ years old.  One was 220 years old!  Our next door neighbors lost two huge trees that shade the east side of our house and we miss them very much.
Other than the truck and the tree LIMB that fell on our neighbors guest house, there was not much damage to our close neighbors homes and thankfully no one was hurt!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I did this summer. Part I

Our swimsuits are trashed, it was a great summer. Looking back, I can honestly say we didn't waste a day.  Some days were playing on the porch in our jammies kind of days, but that was just what we all needed. We had lots of adventures, some fun, some scary.
I am not making any apologies for the long blogging break, my time was better spent having a good old fashioned summer.  Don't you agree?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


These photos, except for the last one, were made at my sister's house.  She has a way of collecting odd little things and arranging things and flowers...she's gifted.  I love to look at all of her collections.  She is a wonderful gift buyer.  The two dolls in the last photo are gifts I have received from her and I love them.  I love her a lot too.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sorry for the long break in blogging.  As many of you know I have had some health issues.  I'm feeling better and I hope to one day be back to normal. Well, normal for me.

There have been lots of end of the school year activities.  This is from field day.  Anna is in the pink shorts.  She came in second place in the 50 yard dash, the apple has clearly fallen far from the tree!  Here she's getting ready for a race called 'shoe find' or as I like to call it: a sock that will need bleach.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The fast is fast approaching

My computer fast is here, well in a few hours anyway.  I was so worried about it last year and this year I am looking forward to it!  I have spent hours and hours on the computer working on a cookbook for the daycare at our church and now I'm OVER IT.

As promised:

Cute kids.  They both just learned how to swim.  Ahhhh.  I'm looking forward to a summer of " WATCH ME MOMMA".

 New-ish purse I made on a snow day.  It is great fabric though very hard to sew.

My life = Babydolls everywhere

Rain of Biblical proportions brought on strange sproutings in the compost pile - kidney beans I think. 

Well it looks like I'm going to leave you all dangling with that great photo of a pile of ... garbage.  Nice. 

Call me! Come see me! Let's have coffee!


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