Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello old friends

Here are some photos of what I did during my computer fast:

I hosted a baby shower. 

We went to the circus.

We sorted clothes, Lucy decided to wear Anna's bathing suit bottom on her head. 
February was long wasn't it ?

I did this shadow box for my friend Gina. These are some buildings we saw in Prague
and some Czech stamps.

I finally finished this painting for my friends Jeff and Gabe.  It's huge 3' x 4'.

I made Anna a dress. I followed a pattern - to the letter.  A first for me. 

Another painting, for my friends Duane and Angela.  It ended up being a watercolor but I liked it just like this.

My 42nd birthday.  A wonderful day.

Easter.  Our cousin James and, not pictured our new cousin Esther.

I learned how to knit.
I got yarn bombed!

Our first "real" pony.

For those of you who don't know.  My Lenten period was a trial indeed.  Anna's EEG did turn up a focal seizure.  The doctor ordered an MRI.  Shortly before we had that test we noticed that she was losing function in that left hand.  She couldn't hold anything small, pick up things and she was holding her hand in a claw position.  Panic.  You know.   The MRI was negative, and though we should have been relieved, the doctor thought her symptoms looked like Rasmussen's Encephalitis.  It is a terrible, terrible brain disease.  The treatment is removal of one hemisphere of the brain.  Yes, removal of half of the brain.  I can not even begin to put into words how we felt.  I felt the fringes of a very dark place.  She was immediately started on anti seizure medication and went from having 1 -15 seizures of her hand to NONE.  She hasn't had one in almost 6 weeks.  A week into her medication the doctor ordered a 23 hour EEG (she did awesome) at that time, based on her amazing decline in seizures and returning function of her left hand, he felt like she probably "just" has some form of epilepsy.  It is an answer to so many prayers, all over the country.  Thank you!  

She's doing great with her medicine.  Her left hand looks like it's working fine, but you know I'm going to get it checked out at her next check up.  Today she turned 5.   So much to be thankful for.....

I do plan on writing all about my Lenten, computer free experience.  It was the best Lenten fast ever.  My fellow fastee posted on her blog The Tarnished Teapot about her experience.  She's a great writer and she puts thing so well. Go read.  I'll post our thoughts next time.


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