Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Out there

We are making the most of it. Outside, pumpkin patching, leaf jumping, fishing, biking, leaf collecting -

This past Sunday Anna had her first experience singing in front of the Church. She and the other boys and girls did great. Too bad her Momma is too lazy to learn how to work the camera in low light and this is the best shot I got of her and it's in the car on the way home.

We had a fun time at our neighbor's birthday party and I made her this birthday crown. Directions would have been nice, but it turned out cute.

Happy Halloween!


Maybe it's the change of seasons but I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I get the sense that I'm not the only one. What have you been thinking about?

For your entertainment.... 1987

Isn't it fun to reconnect with old friends? I recently talked with one of my favorite people from college, well she's one of my favorite people period. We went to college together and oddly enough her nephew and my niece are friends at the same college. Ah facebook what would we do without you? Jenny was, hands down, one of the most hilarious people I had ever met. Just thinking back to things that she used to say and do still makes me laugh today.

Here is a photo from a sorority party in 1987

That's me and Jenny on the back row. Jenny's date has his hands up where you can see them. No funny business! Those dresses can only be described as frocks.

The dress I was wearing:

My Mom made this dress because we couldn't afford a *real* Laura Ashley dress. I joke that some Moms put their daughters on the pill, mine just dressed me like a Quaker.

I have no photos to prove this but I'm sure that I had on off white hose and bone-colored pumps. And I GOT DOWN to salt-n-pepa (or something) in that dress. And I thought I was hot!

Here is what I wore to another fraternity party:

Clearly, I had nothing to hide under the yards and yards of polished cotton! I think I am wearing banana earrings and my date may have on pastel flowered jams.

Great, now I have this song in my head.

All you fly mothers get out there and dance.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

The adrenaline hangover


I haven't been to a concert, a stadium concert in a very, very long time. I do recall saying that the only band I would brave a huge venue for would be U2.

I was too chicken to schlep the SLR with me since we were on the floor. I have mixed feelings about that decision. I was shocked by how everyone held up a "device" as soon as the band came on stage. Everyone around me was looking at their 2 x 2 inch screens and not at the awesomeness in front of them. So sad really. (or is it sad that I was watching them, watch their I phones?)

My pal Jeff made these photos with his little point and shoot. We were soooooo close. I could see Bono's lifts. Love him.

What would I have made pictures of? The absolutely ridiculous footwear worn by some women at this concert.

On the craftacular front I made a new tote bag for my things for my drawing class, and of course a pencil holder.

time spent on tote and pencil wrap: 3 hours
time spend actually drawing: 0 hours

Since I had all that Ikea fabric out and I was on a roll, I whipped up another bucket to make as a gift. I love those two fabrics together but those little black and white lines made me go crosseyed at times.

Coming back to earth now.
That concert blew my mind a little.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Amy, this is just for you.

What? YOU want a post dedicated to you?

E-mail, comment or facebook me and I will make an entire post dedicated to the topic of your choice.

So, Amy and I had a discussion today about our crafting/sewing spaces and how we need lots of room and we are, well, messy. I know that others must have problems keeping their hobbies orderly when not in use. My problem is that I have so many "thing-babies". There's the painting: easel (s), paint, brushes, gesso, gac of all sorts. The other passing fancies such as calligrapy, jewelry making and origami. Then there is a whole bunch of watercolor paints, THOSE brushes, pastels, mixing wells, sketchbooks, pencils and a mat cutter. Geez. Oh, and the box under the bed full of paper? eek.

So, here's some photos of the spaces that are taken up with my junk. This looks quaint enough, but upon closer inspection, it's a wreck. I used the surface of this poor table as my cutting mat for 20 years. This is also the repository for anything that needs to be out of little hands.

I just realized that I didn't upload a photo of the dining room table covered in fabric. Shut your eyes and imagine...

This is actually great storage for fabric etc. Yes, I am in the living room. My paraphernalia is hidden in just about every room of the house.


Now, let's end on a happy note of successful organization shall we?

I made this little book to hold all those on-line patterns and tutorial. Just a notebook with clear page protectors.

I even cut out newspaper patterns because apparently I can't cut fabric straight without some help. This little pattern book was inspired by the now famous, recipe book.

How many things will my kids eat out of all these delicious recipes? (Crying softly to herself again) not many.

The OCD comes naturally. While I'm making these photos my girl is outside doing this:

Cleaning up. Love her.


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