Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cooper Camp

No camping at this "Cooper Camp".  The annual congregation of the Coopers and their respective electronic devices and their families. (in that order).  I cannot make too much fun, my sister in law and I were having fun with the ipad into the late hours.

I tried to get some photos of all four Cooper grandchildren without too much luck

It seems like just yesterday it was just Anna and James. 

(how cute)

Anna and Lucy thought Esther was just like a real live doll.  I see lots of good times in the future.


And I was disappointed by a hedgehog

Yesterday Lucy and I went to the Zoo.  I heard that there was story time at 10:30 where a zoo animal would make an appearance.

Here she is waiting with excitement!  Me too!   I'm not sure what sort of "animal visitor" I was expecting but I can tell you that I was sorely disappointed with the hedgehog.  Even if we were allowed to pet it.

After the let down I did notice all the very young kids, toddlers and infants and, well, nursing going on.  I guess a more *exciting* animal would have been too much.

I hope that your weekend lives up to all your expectations!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloggin' everyday

I'm going to try to blog everyday for a week.  Can I do it?  Probably not but here goes.

What I have been doing lately: 

I made GIANT fabric buckets to hold all the ten billion toys we have.  If I put anything in the girls room remotely rectangular it is turned into a "baby bed" not an "organizer". 

Promoting peace and sisterly love and cute tights and a skirt made by Momma (on Lucy)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve at the lodge

After some detours  we arrived at the lodge for our first New Year's Eve at the lodge in 4 years.  It was great.  Great friends, great food and lovely winter colors.

The kids had a great time together.  Thankfully they were all pooped out at bedtime and, as Sterchi Lodge seems to make you, they slept in a bit too.

Happy 2011 to you.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas day

This was all cute and fun until both girls got a little freaked out by the baby "pooping".  They don't want to feed the baby anymore.  Actually, they don't even want to play with the baby anymore! 

Sweet Anna made us all gifts - even though we had been shopping to buy gifts.  I got a duster made from a big pom pom and a Popsicle stick,  Jonathan got a book mark and Lucy got some feathers.  She wrapped them, put tags on them and put them under the tree.  That little girl has a big heart. 

I hope yours was special!


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