Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yoo Hoo

Testing. Testing.

Is this thing on?

Sorry to leave you all hanging, wanting more, more, more exciting photos of junk food and ironing boards.

Let see, where was I? Oh yeah, the exorcism by Lysol did not get rid of the vomiting demon. It hit us all. Lucy ended up with pneumonia. We are all fine now, though a few pounds lighter.

Is it really December 3rd? In 8 short days I leave for my European world tour. Really, what am I thinking? I have so much to do before then:
Teacher gifts?
Gifts for people who don't want some sort of handmade goodness from a Christkindle market?

What am I doing? Oh obsessing over making my own luggage tags. Gee, I have a problem PEOPLE!

I am purposefully throwing myself at a number of projects to keep my mind of the recent death of a dear friend. Tonight is her funeral and every time I think about her I have that real pain in my chest.

As a gift to her, I was asked to paint this painting with words that describe her. The words were all given to me from the people in our Sunday school class. Really, the words make it. Don't you think? It was so therapeutic - and painful - to paint this for her but I'm so glad that I did, she passed away just a week later. And yes, she truly embodies all of those words a phrases.

That girl was amazing.

So you see, my hands and heart and head have been full and my blog has been empty.

More later.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things I swore I would never do: Part 3

I kid you not, the first four items on the list of ingredients are: corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water & sugar.

Anna picked them out. You all have seen her, how can I refuse?

Neither child would eat them and now Anna totally blames Lucy for picking them out.

Lucy keeps asking for the America. I just realized she's talking about the harmonica.

Anyone want a snowball?

Beauty that is impossible to capture on film

I love that Japanese Maple at the corner of the house. For the past few weeks it has been providing a spectacular show and red glow to the sunroom. Now, that harsh light of winter is beaming in.

The harsh reality of "that stuff that's going around" also set in. I have just performed a Lysol exorcism and thanked God for my high capacity washing machine.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is for the grandmother

I overheard Anna telling Lucy just how that baby got in Aunt Sara's tummy.

Anna: First, you get married. Then you decide to have a baby so you go to the doctor and he says "Say AAAAAH" and he puts a tiny, tiny, tiny baby, one so small you can't see it, down your throat and he says "looks good" "all done". Then the baby comes out (she was a little vague here) and THERE YOU GO.

Some good mispronunciations of words in songs:

Lucy in Holy, Holy, Holy thinks it says : Lord God and Mattie. (Mattie is her friend from preschool)

Anna from Amazing Grace: That saved a witch like me.

What a blessing to hear them sing the whole hymn though.

We are in serious coloring mode here. Stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of coloring sheets.

this is maybe two days worth.

Anna's is on the left and Lucy's is on the right. You will see at the top of Lucy's that she's trying so hard to write her name. Smart girl.
Anna helped me carve pumpkins but this pumpkin resisted. It had such a tiny cavity that carving was futile. Anna decorated it and wrote H H for Happy Halloween!

Gratuitous kid shot.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Would you let your kids take candy from this man?

Apparently our whole neighborhood has no problem with this look. (black fingernails not shown)

Halloween is always more fun when you dress up.

We had the Adam's family. The princess and cheerleader and goth Mom & Dad. Really, I think J could pull it off everyday.

Too bad we had rain. Cinderella ended up in glass rainboots, a rain slicker and umbrella.


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