Friday, August 28, 2009

Winding down

There is still a lot of summer left. Right? We actually still have a beach vacation to take.

And Bikes to ride.

This is our back to preschool shot.

I wish that someone would write a note like that about me.

*Congratulations K & C on little CJ ***

Monday, August 17, 2009

Done and done

I love pastels, especially the purple. What a mess though, I forget. I also forget the methods of moving from top to bottom to avoid dragging your arm across your finished work. It all came back to me after a few sketches. I wanted to do more, but I was afraid that the little artists would discover how insanely fun pastel can be. That's for a few years down the road.

This was for my friend Maaaaata to give to another friend.

We had a dinner party Saturday so I had to make some sort of quick covering for the bathroom window. (operative words: HAD TO and QUICK) Everything I hate about linen in clothing is exactly what I love about it in curtains, pillows and slipcovers. I like for it to be wrinkled and schlumpy.

This curtain - well - it's a little too Country Living for me, but I can live with it. ( it's the rick rack right?)

And here's Champ. For Katie. I feel intimately acquainted with your dog's nostrils now.

This photo is for Jodi

Do you think you could score those tubs for me the next time you are at the in-laws?

I do love me some water lotus.

Do you hear what I hear??

The ice cream man!

Today I'm thinking of K & C who are off to Texas to adopt a little boy. Let's keep them all (including the birth mom) in our prayers.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

the latest projects

My niece is headed off to college. My Alma Mater no less! For her graduation gift I offered to make a duvet/curtains or whatever she wanted for the dorm room. She liked the fabric boxes so she picked out some fun fabric and I have been sewing all manner of boxes, buckets and trays.

Here are some very LARGE boxes. They are 12" cubes. I thought they would be good for all those fraternity and sorority t-shirts.

So, here's what I learned. The box on the far left is lined with just craft weight fusible interfacing on the outer fabric. It's fine, but a little mushy for me. The far right box is made with sew-in thick interfacing. It's better but I wanted it stiffer still, but I was running out of supplies. The center box is made with craft-weight (pellon) fusible interfacing on both the outer fabric and the lining. Perfect.

These are are some small boxes for little whatnots.

With all of the little scraps I made a bunch of random things. I did order the Mayamade bucket pattern from Etsy. It is really great and easy to use, except that I had nothing round in the dimension she called for so I was trying to remember how to figure out the circumference of circle if you know the radius.

Quick, do you remember? Is is pi r squared or 2 pi r? Is your brain a veritable "room of requirement" like mine?

Aren't the little pinch-cornered trays cute? Hello cell phone charging station.

I am going to whip up some more buckets and follow the directions to the letter. I took some liberties and, well, you see what happens...

I am putting the scissors aside and moving to the pastels and acrylics. I have some things that must go out in the mail this week. eeeek.


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