Monday, August 17, 2009

Done and done

I love pastels, especially the purple. What a mess though, I forget. I also forget the methods of moving from top to bottom to avoid dragging your arm across your finished work. It all came back to me after a few sketches. I wanted to do more, but I was afraid that the little artists would discover how insanely fun pastel can be. That's for a few years down the road.

This was for my friend Maaaaata to give to another friend.

We had a dinner party Saturday so I had to make some sort of quick covering for the bathroom window. (operative words: HAD TO and QUICK) Everything I hate about linen in clothing is exactly what I love about it in curtains, pillows and slipcovers. I like for it to be wrinkled and schlumpy.

This curtain - well - it's a little too Country Living for me, but I can live with it. ( it's the rick rack right?)

And here's Champ. For Katie. I feel intimately acquainted with your dog's nostrils now.

This photo is for Jodi

Do you think you could score those tubs for me the next time you are at the in-laws?

I do love me some water lotus.

Do you hear what I hear??

The ice cream man!

Today I'm thinking of K & C who are off to Texas to adopt a little boy. Let's keep them all (including the birth mom) in our prayers.


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  1. I love the curtain--I think it would be too CL if it were hung up differently--but you kept it simple. Your bathroom is so far from CL that the curtain won't push it over the top. I'm inspired and finished three little purses... on to the tea cozy birthday presents for my friend whose birthday is... um... today.


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