Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I did this summer: Part III

: :  A special painting for some special people.

: :  I have done a lot painting this summer. I had big ideas for the girls' room paintings but so did they.  A cat eating ice cream?  A dog eating an ice cream sundae while sitting on a rainbow?  How could I not fulfill those requests?

: : I made a Superman skirt for a not-so-girly girl.  I love her style.

: : Another lamp! Pottery barn, eat your heart out.  I made this is just a few minutes (and a trip to target).  I had this sitting on the kitchen counter (note banana) on a grey day and it was so lovely.

: :  A trio of HP pillows.  This was a craft project with my niece who took 2 of the pillows off to college with her.

I have a little girl here requesting glitter. Gotta go.


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