Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For your entertainment.... 1987

Isn't it fun to reconnect with old friends? I recently talked with one of my favorite people from college, well she's one of my favorite people period. We went to college together and oddly enough her nephew and my niece are friends at the same college. Ah facebook what would we do without you? Jenny was, hands down, one of the most hilarious people I had ever met. Just thinking back to things that she used to say and do still makes me laugh today.

Here is a photo from a sorority party in 1987

That's me and Jenny on the back row. Jenny's date has his hands up where you can see them. No funny business! Those dresses can only be described as frocks.

The dress I was wearing:

My Mom made this dress because we couldn't afford a *real* Laura Ashley dress. I joke that some Moms put their daughters on the pill, mine just dressed me like a Quaker.

I have no photos to prove this but I'm sure that I had on off white hose and bone-colored pumps. And I GOT DOWN to salt-n-pepa (or something) in that dress. And I thought I was hot!

Here is what I wore to another fraternity party:

Clearly, I had nothing to hide under the yards and yards of polished cotton! I think I am wearing banana earrings and my date may have on pastel flowered jams.

Great, now I have this song in my head.

All you fly mothers get out there and dance.



  1. Look at that 6 pack! whew, girl! you continue to make smile & laugh even harder. thanks!

  2. Lisa, that that six-pack is now hidden beneath I nice healthy layer of fat.


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