Sunday, October 11, 2009

The adrenaline hangover


I haven't been to a concert, a stadium concert in a very, very long time. I do recall saying that the only band I would brave a huge venue for would be U2.

I was too chicken to schlep the SLR with me since we were on the floor. I have mixed feelings about that decision. I was shocked by how everyone held up a "device" as soon as the band came on stage. Everyone around me was looking at their 2 x 2 inch screens and not at the awesomeness in front of them. So sad really. (or is it sad that I was watching them, watch their I phones?)

My pal Jeff made these photos with his little point and shoot. We were soooooo close. I could see Bono's lifts. Love him.

What would I have made pictures of? The absolutely ridiculous footwear worn by some women at this concert.

On the craftacular front I made a new tote bag for my things for my drawing class, and of course a pencil holder.

time spent on tote and pencil wrap: 3 hours
time spend actually drawing: 0 hours

Since I had all that Ikea fabric out and I was on a roll, I whipped up another bucket to make as a gift. I love those two fabrics together but those little black and white lines made me go crosseyed at times.

Coming back to earth now.
That concert blew my mind a little.



  1. I have my laptop back in my kitchen now, so I can check blogs more frequently! Yea! I LOVE the tote--very cool. 3 hours, eh? What are you... a machine? I guess I could maybe finish something in 3 hours if I HAD 3 hours. As it is, there's some time lost in putting up projects several times before they get finished.....

  2. You rock...they rocked...we rock..lets get together soon and talk about our greatness..


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