Thursday, December 10, 2009


For the last month I have been praying with my girls for a miracle for our friend Jennifer. Just the other day Anna asked why we weren't praying for a miracle anymore. That's a hard one to answer.

I believe that miracles do happen.

We just celebrated a miracle.

3 years ago:

Our little Lucy just 2lbs 8 oz.

Doing the kangaroo care. Skin to skin contact helps the baby grow. Keeping all those wires connected and trying to keep from flashing everyone in the NICU was a little tricky.

Anna and Paps looking at the Christmas tree, we didn't have one that year. I'm so thankful for Nan and Paps. What would we have done without their help?

Indeed our little Lu came home and after a few minor trials, she's normal. Never underestimate the miracle of normal.

Oh, some of you remember the agonizing over breast milk and my brutal pumping schedule. In the end I had this much left over. A full garbage can - oh and I think my parents had ( or do they still have it? ewww) just as much in their freezer. That is a miracle too.

Oh Lucy, how we love you! I never forget how blessed I am to have you.



  1. I will never forget when your little miracle came. She is a blessing! Happy B-day Lucy! Miss you Lisa & i'm totally still in your club :)

  2. I'm a blubbering idiot. Thank you for that sweet sweet sentiment. I do, however, have to re-do my makeup.


    Michelle J


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