Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yoo Hoo

Testing. Testing.

Is this thing on?

Sorry to leave you all hanging, wanting more, more, more exciting photos of junk food and ironing boards.

Let see, where was I? Oh yeah, the exorcism by Lysol did not get rid of the vomiting demon. It hit us all. Lucy ended up with pneumonia. We are all fine now, though a few pounds lighter.

Is it really December 3rd? In 8 short days I leave for my European world tour. Really, what am I thinking? I have so much to do before then:
Teacher gifts?
Gifts for people who don't want some sort of handmade goodness from a Christkindle market?

What am I doing? Oh obsessing over making my own luggage tags. Gee, I have a problem PEOPLE!

I am purposefully throwing myself at a number of projects to keep my mind of the recent death of a dear friend. Tonight is her funeral and every time I think about her I have that real pain in my chest.

As a gift to her, I was asked to paint this painting with words that describe her. The words were all given to me from the people in our Sunday school class. Really, the words make it. Don't you think? It was so therapeutic - and painful - to paint this for her but I'm so glad that I did, she passed away just a week later. And yes, she truly embodies all of those words a phrases.

That girl was amazing.

So you see, my hands and heart and head have been full and my blog has been empty.

More later.


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