Monday, February 15, 2010

Signing off?

I'm not sure that I will be blogging tomorrow.  Anna is having an EEG and must be sleep deprived, thus her parents shall be sleep deprived too.  Sorry that I won't be able to post the results of the EEG/doctors appt but you know that you can call. As the day of the EEG draws near her seizures (?) are fewer and fewer.  She hasn't even had one today!

I'm feeling a little nervous and excited about my computer fast. My friend Betsy is joining me and encouraging me that it will be great for us.  And it will.  The internet is not so much a presence in our house, but when the computer is dark, I feel an absence.  I'm sure that I'll get over it.

I have been busting out some lingering projects and tackling things quicker, trying to find a groove of productivity.

I did these fabric buckets and banner for a baby gift and upcoming shower.

I have worked on many, many other things but I can't show you - because some of you might be on the receiving end.  How's that for a teaser?

Anna gave herself a haircut.  I thought we would miss this milestone of childhood, but no.  She looks sweet still.

Well, as I post this she comes to me saying that her thumb is "twisting" which looks like a little focal seizure to me - we will see.  Prayers appreciated!



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