Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Preparing for the fast

I had no idea my internet/computer fast would generate such visceral responses!  I thought I was the one with the problem but now I think lots of people (you?) out there are a tad too dependent on the computer, blackberry, etc.  Am I right?  
I'm already in the process of weaning, which is a cross between actually cutting back and binging.  
I won't be blogging during the fast but hopefully will have lots to show afterward.  I'm thinking of keeping a journal with a pen and paper *gasp!* maybe I'll scan them in when it's all over.

Here's some creative ventures of late:

A painting of Reyna.  A noble dog.

For Christmas I was gifted a linoleum cutting set.  This was my first attempt.  The linoleum block was hard to carve so I  purchased some speedball easy carve.  Oh it cuts like buttah.  I love it!  I made these birdy Valentines for Lucy to give to her classmates.  I was so proud until I picked her up from school and realized that today was the last day she would be at school before Valentine's day.  Cards?  At home drying on the table.

We are so ready for next year.

Confession.  I want to bite the ez-carve, it's the texture and the smell....  Do I have pica?

Changing the subject, I will cry when no one can wear this gown.  It is one of my favorites

  They are just so darn cute aren't they?

Too bad I'm ignoring them while I blog.

See you later.


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  1. I love the description of alternately binging and fasting regarding our building up to THE DAY WE TURN IT OFF. 1 week to go!


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