Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloggin' everyday

I'm going to try to blog everyday for a week.  Can I do it?  Probably not but here goes.

What I have been doing lately: 

I made GIANT fabric buckets to hold all the ten billion toys we have.  If I put anything in the girls room remotely rectangular it is turned into a "baby bed" not an "organizer". 

Promoting peace and sisterly love and cute tights and a skirt made by Momma (on Lucy)



  1. Hi, there!! My friend, Karen Dupree, turned me on to your blog and I LOVE IT!! I was wondering if you sell your fabric buckets and, if so, how much do they cost? Thanks!!

    Angela Lemmons

  2. Leeeeeesa! So glad you are back in blog world. I'm checking everyday. Love your creations & humor :) Miss you!


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