Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We just returned from a fun weekend with Jonathan's family in Chattanooga.

Anna played with the "snow fairies". I thought she was imagining the snow flakes to be fairies then I realized she misunderstood the word "flurries".

We have had some cold days, 25 degrees today - Lees, I don't know how you do it!

Lucy was diagnosed with asthma. I guess these will become a fixture in our lives.

I suppose there are 3 year olds out there pretending to use a blackberry, packing an imaginary briefcase and pretending to go to work just like mommy. At my house, on the other hand, Anna pretended to make soup and gave out some scathing warnings of what would happen if we didn't finish our meal.

I hope you all stay warm and finish your soup or NO DESSERT!

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  1. My daughter "cooks" in her kitchen, too, and plays church with the boys--issuing dire warnings if they don't sit still and demanding that they sit and stand on command and listen to her belting out "Glory to God" in some toneless imitation of some hymn I don't recognize....


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