Monday, January 12, 2009

My quest for organization

Some of you may know of my quest for organization. Jonathan says that if I'm not reorganizing, I'm not happy. I think if I could just get organized... things would stay neater. I know, I know, who am I kidding?

So, here are some of my attempts at organizing. Some are successful, others not so much.

Here is a little pegboard art display. One for Anna, Lucy and Mommy. I found the paint on the mis-matched paint shelf. I think it's called
"slaughterhouse floor". Just kidding. It's a whole lotta red though. This is working well for us, especially the little elastic bands and the bottom.

This is the BEST. I saw this somewhere on the internet so I can't take credit. It is basically drawer organizers made out of cereal/cracker boxes. Since I throw several boxes away each week, this took no time. I have purchased those plastic organizers in the past and they always almost work. Whenever I open the drawer everything would slide a little too the back and when I shut it I could hear everything sliding back to the front. I am always too cheap to shell out enough money to buy as many as I want anyway.

So, to make this you simply cut the bottom or side of box to the depth of your drawer. I used a utility knife but sturdy scissors would work. Everything has a little nook and because the boxes are so varied in size and flexible you get a nice tight fit.

Ok, I know that I could have painted my whole kitchen with the amount of money that I have spent on those blasted Benjamin Moore sample bottles you see. Man, those things are like crack.

Great for the "junk" drawer:

The kitchen utensil drawer:

I would post a photo of the bathroom drawers too but I think you get the point and I don't want to expose my multitude of anti aging products.

In closing we can assume that A. I need medication or B. I am missing my calling as a professional organizer.
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  1. you've inspired me. i cut my first box this weekend. i'm gonna start working on my kitchen utensil drawer.

  2. I love to organize, too... I just can't stay organized. (sigh) I was musing over the boys' closet today as my next project overhaul....

  3. Oh Yeah--the real reason I was commenting was to say the peg boards look amazing!!!! I'm going to have to check that out when the young'un's here at Casa Crazyland decide to stop tearing down anything their little hands find.... the latest is the paint they're peeling gleefully off the living room wall. Why am I still checking email and your blog at this time of night....


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