Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's a tatoo in her future

I got the bright idea to work on a painting yesterday. I set up the watercolors for the girls, I even gave them the real watercolor paper. I thought: "how big of a mess could they make while my back is turned for a few minutes"?


Look at her face. She painted her face. Her entire face.

I need to get a photo of what Anna painted.

I'm sorry about the constantly changing fonts here. I'm trying to figure out how everything works. You might see a different size font... hourly.

This is my day that both kids are in preschool so you know, I'm killing myself to get a bunch of stuff done:

Drop off baby things to a friend
Cook Dinner
Do Laundry
Fold Laundry
Go get a new house key made


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  1. you are SUPER MOM. that's it plain & simple. i haven't been brave enough to let my 1 3 yr old open paints in our newly painted house & you let 2 toddlers paint at yours! brave you are. look like they had a blast.

  2. I love the painting info... I'm not brave enough either to venture into that realm (although Elizabeth loves to paint with water on construction paper)....

    I'm in full decluttering mode here, my inspiring friend. You're going to be mega impressed the next time you see my closets (even though you never saw them in their perilous state). And I'm honored in your blog friend--you need to get out more and add some folks to that list :)


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