Saturday, February 28, 2009

So your life doesn't look like this?

I am surprised to hear that some of my peeps don't allow painting. I thought I was the flag waving OCD person, what with all my organizing and labeling.

Above is what Anna painted the other day. She's all about the letters.

These are some scenes from my less-than perfect home. Before kids, this would have driven me crazy. I don't love it now, but surprisingly, it doesn't bother me too much. You may want to click on the photo to get the full glory. Perhaps if the kitchen was freshly painted I would feel differently?

The things that do make me crazy?

Wet sleeves. No one prepared me for the fact that the bottom inch of my sleeve would always be wet from washing something or someone.



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  1. Yes, wet sleeves are really annoying. sometimes i have to change b/c i can't stand it. i appreciate your transparency :) i don't love the house state with little ones, but i too am getting more used to it. they are so worth the mess!

  2. I hate the dry skin on my hands!! And my cuffs are all stretched out because I compulsively push them up before getting my hands wet. (sigh) We devoured the amazing bread by the way. mmmm..... new size of Jeans in my future of this keeps up....


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