Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ah Nashville

Yeah, it's usually all about the kids, but this time. Other than this sweet thing, It's all about me, me ME!

So, I had myself a very nice visit to the lovely Shaughnessy/Lambdin household. (See painting above) I made them a little painting for a gift. Did I get photos of it? Again, no. My friends live in the lovely/hip/happening neighborhood of twelve south.

Right down the street is this house.

I'm not a knitter, and honestly I have no desire to knit - except that I would like to do something like this. I mean, she has knitted a fence in her garden. Look back there around the tree. How cool is that? She's entrapped a washing machine in her web!

I tell my friend Lee Ann that if I lived there, I would beat a path to meet the creator of all this. So, I'm out for a nice walk and I see a gal in the yard. It has to be the genius behind all this, I mean, she's all green knee socks and she's smoking a cigarette. Suddenly I'm feeling a little too... too... Volvo wagon-driving, sun visor-wearing, suburban housewife. You know?

mmmmmmmmmm. I would like to have one of these babies in front of me right now.

What great fun, laughs, political discussion, and some very un-pc jokes from this fella.

Along with garage sale trolling, there seems to be another activity that goes along with my visits to Nashville. Party crashing.

This was an opening party at imogene + willie. It is one cool place. You can have custom made jeans sewn for you - right there in the shop. Did you hear me? Custom made! Awesome.

They also sell amazing vintage jeans, belts and new things like this skirt and the shirt below which I was totally coveting.

These are the jeans patterns hanging from the ceiling. You know how I loved that.

My posts may be few and far between but when I decide to post, I decide to post.


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