Friday, July 10, 2009

Dealing with it

This is how Scully is dealing with the loss of her 12 year companion. She destroyed the screen door. Poor girl.

Thank you for all of your kind words about Flash. He was a great dog. Here is the last photo I took of him, cuddled up with Sculls. I didn't want to make photos of him lately because he was so very thin and I just couldn't bear to remember him like that.

When he was a puppy we trained him to ring a bell when he wanted to go outside. It was our best parlor trick when we had guests. Scully caught on quickly when she was a puppy but I still remember the day that it dawned on Flash, "if I ring this bell the door will open".
When we moved into this house they quit ringing the bell, maybe because we didn't really need it anymore since I always knew exactly when they would want to go out.

Once, at the cancer center where I worked, we had a patient who could not speak so someone put a bell beside his chair so that he could ring it if he needed our attention. It was the same sort of desk bell that the dogs used. Every time that man rang the bell I had the urge to go open a door.

Now I ask you, who was trained?

Keeping busy with "homework"

I love a cute skirt, knee socks and tennies.

I inherited some neat things from my little Granny. In helping clean out her apartment I could not bear to see perfectly good towels getting donated. I guess all of her lessons in thrift and economy paid off because I took some towels and made some cute hooded ponchos for the pool. The girls are too small for a full size beach towel, they just drag them on the ground and through various unsavory puddles in the pool changing room. They need something to slip on quick that will stay on by itself so here we are.

I even made the blue bias tape myself. Don't look close, I really didn't know what I was doing where the tape meets. The opening looked a little Dementor-ish but on the girls it's cute.

Do you see my new dishwasher in all the photos? Yeah!

I have lots of projects to complete, the least of which is not this:

Jeff, I know that you are reading and just so you know, when I look to my right, there it is staring at me.

I am really a bad sewer and a crap drawer, so ... let's combine the two! These were fun but I was afraid that I was going to sew through my finger without the presser foot.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. I love how you did the sewing/drawing. You are so creative. Your skirt looked great too. I am sorry to hear about Flash, we lost one of our dogs a few years ago and we still talk about her daily.
    On another note, I would still love to get together one day and sew. Those baskets you and Jodi made are too cute!!!!


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