Monday, July 6, 2009

Putting on a brave face

First, I want to post about my fun, fun weekend last week. Nothing like a bunch of old friends to lift your spirits.

Look at all that gorgeous hair. I wonder how many salon dollars that all represents?

Funny comment of the weekend:

Car full of young boys to our friend Suzanne: "Hey cougar, are those your daughters in the backseat?"

Suzanne was a bit put out as some of the "daughters" in the backseat are older than her.

After the super fun weekend I returned home to find that our sweet dog Flash is not doing so well and by Wednesday things were bad. The vet gave us still more medicines to try but it was clear that he was failing fast.

I have never understood why people wait until their dog is half-dead to put them to sleep. Well, now I do. Even sitting with him in my arms in the vet waiting room this morning I was trying to convince myself that I just needed to try harder to get him to take his medicine, that maybe he could get better. In the end I did what needed to be done. It was heartbreaking - all of it.


  1. We are so sorry to hear about Flash. He was such a good, fun doggie. We will all miss him. I hope the girls won't take it too hard too long.

    We enjoyed our stay with you the past two weekends.

  2. Leeeeesa.... :( I remember Flash. :( I'm so sorry. I love reading your blogs, just so ya know. I can kind of keep up with you. :) Email me sometime!

  3. hey - i didn't pay anything for that hair. it's totally natural. or something. i love your blog & seeing your cute girls. i'm sorry about Flash. it's heartbreaking to loose a furry family member. i know he must have been very special.


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