Sunday, November 1, 2009

Would you let your kids take candy from this man?

Apparently our whole neighborhood has no problem with this look. (black fingernails not shown)

Halloween is always more fun when you dress up.

We had the Adam's family. The princess and cheerleader and goth Mom & Dad. Really, I think J could pull it off everyday.

Too bad we had rain. Cinderella ended up in glass rainboots, a rain slicker and umbrella.



  1. Nice job Mom & Dad. Don't think we we take candy from Jonathon. How hard was it to take off the black nail polish? just curious.

  2. Let's just say that I look like a mechanic. If my cuticles weren't so dry it might have come off better. Jonathan's came off fine!

  3. Candy from the man, no problem! Defend me in
    court?? Not so sure!! HAH

  4. Scary!!! Really--kinda creepy.


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