Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is for the grandmother

I overheard Anna telling Lucy just how that baby got in Aunt Sara's tummy.

Anna: First, you get married. Then you decide to have a baby so you go to the doctor and he says "Say AAAAAH" and he puts a tiny, tiny, tiny baby, one so small you can't see it, down your throat and he says "looks good" "all done". Then the baby comes out (she was a little vague here) and THERE YOU GO.

Some good mispronunciations of words in songs:

Lucy in Holy, Holy, Holy thinks it says : Lord God and Mattie. (Mattie is her friend from preschool)

Anna from Amazing Grace: That saved a witch like me.

What a blessing to hear them sing the whole hymn though.

We are in serious coloring mode here. Stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of coloring sheets.

this is maybe two days worth.

Anna's is on the left and Lucy's is on the right. You will see at the top of Lucy's that she's trying so hard to write her name. Smart girl.
Anna helped me carve pumpkins but this pumpkin resisted. It had such a tiny cavity that carving was futile. Anna decorated it and wrote H H for Happy Halloween!

Gratuitous kid shot.


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  1. tee hee
    witch....wretch, not really much difference :)
    I loved these little snippets.


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