Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Day

Big Idea:  home made cinnamon rolls:

(don't worry I only had to use the glue gun a little)

I took a little break to nebulize Lucy.


Hmf.  Now to deal with this:

When you are too sick to go outside you get to lick the beaters!

I'm hoping to finish this project - in my lifetime.

I hope your Saturday is productive or restful, whichever you need most!


  1. Those cinnamon rolls look to die for.... seriously. I'm salivating while I sit here in far away SC.... I think you guys got more snow, but it's colder here. It's finally stopped precipitating, so maybe we'll get out and make a snow man, too! Thanks for the encouragement (I brought all our gear for snow weather!)

  2. mmmm cinnamon...i cant belive you are giving up the computer..i think you are becomming a communist......:)


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