Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lucy's first day

Not to leave out our little one, Lucy started preschool this week. ( Yes, I made the dress )  That little thing is growing up!  It makes me feel sad to see her sitting there with all the big kids at pick up time instead of finding her asleep on her mat in a dark classroom.

She's a smart one.  Knows all of her letters, upper and lower case, all of her letter sounds. She has been writing her name for months and knows her phone number and address.  Not bad for a 3 year old!  
Sorry to be so sketchy with the blogging, I have had some technical difficulties posting photos.  Note to self: right click on image, click on "view image info" and there is the URL. 



  1. WOW - what a big girl! I can still hear her saying "would you like to hold me?"
    LOVE the dresses :)
    Michelle J

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! She is sooooo precious. I can totally tell she is growing. Her haircut is really cute too. Just like her mama :)


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