Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I did this summer

I was busy.  I made lots of stuff somehow.





Purse #2

Halter attempt #2.  Meh.

  This was for a little friend.  I love it.  I want one too.

You know you love your child when you make them a dress out of fabric that drives you a little batty.  What is Hello Kitty anyway?  I mean, is there a cartoon or what?

More stuff later.


PS what do you mean you don't want ice from my red cooler in your drink?  Do you think a child has had their naked bottom in there or something? ( I have no idea what was going on here)


  1. The pictures of school and crafts make me sigh. Sigh for a life I wish I had. (smile) Blessed in deed my friend. Enjoy every second and thank you for allowing us in to share in it. I particularly love Anna checking out her classroom and also Lucy in that cooler. HA!


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