Sunday, March 1, 2009

coming out of retirement... for an hour

On Tuesday I have to give a lecture for the Sertoma club. I thought I would talk about cancer, but something specific for 65+ year old men. Why prostate cancer of course!

Suddenly I'm all squeamish about the diagrams of prostates. I googled images of prostates and let me just tell you this : DON'T. Trust me. I found this text bookish diagram that I feel pretty comfortable with because it doesn't show the full Monty ifyouknowwhatImean. To break the ice I also have a photo of a person lying prostrate. Get it? Prostate. Prostrate? It always drove me crazy when people would confuse the two words. Kinda like how my boss would always use ideal when she meant idea. As in "I have a great ideal".

I looked over some old notes to get ready for my foray back into the world of nutrition and I cam e across these notes. It's like someone else wrote them. Where in my brain is all of this information stored? Apparently I knew it all at one time, but reads like new information.

I'll let you know how it goes!



  1. OK - first of all - I can't imagine what the Sertoma club actually is? 65 year old I can only imagine?
    Prostate health sounds fascinating! Can you get us a utube hookup of your talk?

    Michelle J

  2. Fascinating FOR SURE!!!

    Yes, maybe I will put it on youtube and it will become an instant hit due to the great drinking game that goes along with it: a drink for every time I say "and ummmm"


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