Monday, March 9, 2009

The good and the bad

Well friends, it's been interesting here.

Let's start with the trip to the ER. Sunday morning Lucy put a raisin up her nose. I could see it, and Iprobably could have snagged it with some tweezers. I also could have shoved it up even farther just as well. I left it for the professionals at Children's hospital to deal with. Thankfully it fell out of it's own accord in the exam room. Whew!

Next, Anna fell and completely busted her lip. Can you see? It was swollen and is obviously bruised today.

I'm not winning the mother of the year award am I?

But wait! Lucy pooped on the potty, does that get me some points?

Her comment to me when I walked into the bathroom to see the poop?

"Smell it Mommy."

Project update: 1 nap = a bunch of new napkins. We go through lots since we are PTF (paper towel free).

I even made some headway on the painting! Here's a little taste:

I'll leave you with a photo of our little raisin-sniffin' gal. Look how chubby she has become since she's been well. Think of her tomorrow with her surgery!


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  1. The Painting...FABULOUS! I didn't know you were PTF. You must cringe when you come over my house:)


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