Saturday, May 2, 2009


Sorry for the crickets you have been hearing from my blog. As many of you know, we lost Jonathan's grandmother last week. Her memorial was yesterday. She was a sweet soul.

She was 96 years old. Had her eyes not been failing, I feel certain that she would have loved my blog and no doubt probably had a blog of her own. She e-mailed me faithfully right up until her stroke near Christmas. How many other 95 year olds do you know that e-mail?

In this photo she was 94. Look at her beautiful skin and those perfect nails. They were always perfectly manicured.

This is her wedding engagement photo.

I think I see lots of Lucy in this photo. Do you? I think it is the full lips and the high forehead.

I hope Lucy is that beautiful.

As you can tell I lost my momentum on the photo-a-day of the neighborhood. Here are some of the last spring shots I took.

After being away from home for a few days we returned to a very green, very wet yard. The azalea blooms are dull and the dogwoods have lost their flowers.



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