Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The rain made me do it

Finally, the sun is out and things are drying off. To keep from going cuckoo for cocoa puffs we have been playing in the laundry and making homemade bathtub paint. The paint is just kid's bath soap + cornstarch + water + food coloring. It was a good half hour of fun and they were all clean at the end. I was proud of my thought to put the step stool in the tub to keep the paint out of the water, and to keep from having to hold the muffin tin up for half and hour.

Everything is just kinda gross. The "fronds" from the oak trees make a satisfying... or sickening depending on my mood, squish when I step on them.

Don't cha just want to pick up that cold, dirty sponge and give it a good hard squeeze? you do? will you come and do it for me? I'm thinking of leaving it right where it is until July.

Due to all the rain, yes I am blaming it all on the rain... and Betsy, but that's another story, my computer fast hasn't gone so well. I'm going to really crack down this week.

On Friday I had the pleasure of learning that I need four new tires on my car. I selected the tire store based on what they were listening to on the radio:
Car talk: yes
Country: no

I also found out ... from the sandwich shop owner down the street that most of the employees at the tire store are ... vegetarians. Crazy.

To add to things I learned: only 17 year old boys write reviews of tires online.

I did finish a little painting for the babysitter's graduation gift. Did I get a photo? Nope.


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