Monday, January 4, 2010

December. What happened.

So, blogger tells me the have some new format which will help with my photo uploading.  So here goes, I'll let you know at the end of the post if it is any better. (I know, I know, you can hardly wait to read ahead)

So Christmas happened here.  The girls had fun, enjoyed lots of activities at our church and I think next year everyone will be big enough to really have a good time.
Oh and I plan on being in the country next year too.

With all of the planning for Christmas, the end of school, my trip, baking and making I forgot one important thing.  I forgot to let Anna pick out presents for us.  On Christmas Eve she was running around the house, picking out things for us, putting things in bags and sticking them under the tree.  On Christmas morning she stopped opening her gift and gave us our "gifts".

Oh that girl!

Little Lu had her birthday celebration in early December.  She looves some icing, just like her mama.

We had the pleasure of lighting the advent wreath one Sunday morning. Look how sweet:

Now for the reality:

I remember so clearly when she was my girls' age.  Here she's joking about this baby of Anna's being her "American Girl" doll.

The final thoughts are that I may like this new interface.  Maybe I'll post more!

Ok. let's not get crazy.

Next up:  Resolutions inspired by Europe.


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  1. Can't wait to read the Europe-inspired resolutions. You can help inspire me. I'm sort of committed right now to loving what I have and focusing on the mundane (routines, habits, etc.).

    You'll have to tell me more about this interface. Why do you think there are so few pics on my blog??


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