Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Resoloutions 2009

Last year I needed a new "mom friend".  As many of you reading are aware...YOU LIVE TOO FAR AWAY.

Ok.  now that I got that off my chest.  I resolved last year to make a new mom friend and did I ever.  My neighbor Betsy.  I love her.  Today is her birthday. I'm not even sure which one.  32 maybe?  She's so wise it's hard to believe that she's so young.

Between Betsy and I are 6 houses, it's a short walk.  Between us are 5 children under 5.  Betsy has a 4 year old daughter and twin two year old boys.  Whew! The odds of all five being well at the same time- slim.  So we talk on the phone, e-mail random thoughts at random hours and read each other's blogs.  She's an excellent and economical cook. (She's the source of the granola).  She gardens, sews and budgets. She has a servant's heart and her faith is the center of her life.  My kind of gal - oh and of COURSE she's a Dansko wearing fiend.

Looking through my bazillions of photos I have just these of her: (are you wearing the same shirt, green shirt project eh?)

And here are all of our kids together.  See why we talk on the phone during "tv time?"  There's a lot of needs there.

I admire and appreciate her on so many levels

But this year, more visits please.

Happy thirty-something birthday!


  1. Thanks for the sweet sentiments, my friend! I love you, too! I'm HUGELY thankful for your friendship and somehow, when I'm talking on the phone to you or emailing you, you don't SEEM as far away as my friends who do live far away. But I agree: more visits this year. I think we're on the up and up as far as kid-mobility and kid-health goes. Well, our TV time here is over for the morning :).

  2. I want to meet her! :) So glad you have a close by mommy kindred spirit. Happy Birthday Betsy, thanks for loving on my Lisa friend.

  3. Did anyone notice the glaring typo? Resoloutions. What a lout.


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