Friday, January 22, 2010

Thinking ahead

This is a painting I did last week for my father in law.  He's an entomologist/chemist and an avid gardener.  I thought this caterpillar was perfect.  When he opened it there was some confusion about what the painting subject was, someone thought penguins.  Really?  Penguins?  I'm trying to imagine the circumstances of me doing a painting of penguins.  It could happen.

This year I sent out New Years cards.  I loved coming home to a stack of Christmas cards to open.  Then it occurred to me:  I didn't get mine done before I left the country.  OH NO!

These were inspired by an article in my favorite magazine Smithsonian. (ok, my second favorite after People).  I love, love, love a time capsule.  I have always been fascinated with them and have actually made a few for myself and I made one for each of my girls.  The ones I made for my girls are full things from the year they were born that I hope will be very interesting in 30 - 40 years.

So, the card is a photo time capsule of our year. I think I like this idea and I might make it a tradition.


Lent is on my mind.  I didn't give up anything last year but I have given up everything that can be given up: caffiene, alcohol, meat, t.v. and  sweets (that was harsh). My favorite was giving up listening to anything in the car.  Ahh the silence, I could use that now.

So, for 2010 I am going back to 1995,  I'm giving up the computer. No checking of e-mail, no blogging, no facebooking, flickring, allrecipes searching and no following rabbit trails from blog to blog.

There,  I said it.

Would anyone like to join me?  If you do, I will have you over for dinner, coffee, dessert - whatever during lent, I mean, after all we are going to have so much time.

Maybe I'll even start dressing my kids in clothes that match!


  1. Hi friend,

    As you know, I will be joining you in "fasting" from the computer although I'm not going to be quite as hardcore as you. I'll be fasting from the internet with the exception of checking email once a day (minimal time compared to the time I spend doing other, pointless things on the web). And yes.... the free time! What are we going to do with ourselves??? What are our kids going to think???

  2. Hmmmm, that's a great challenge. although i can't come over to play very easily. i'll think about it.

    Loved your new year card. So, Lisa Cooper. Sharp & unique :)

    We can afford more phone time if not on the computer right? that's how i could come over.

  3. Yes, we thought the card was very cool.

    But I can't give up the inter-web thingy right now. I'm just starting my job search in earnest, and you can't even send a resume hardly anymore without sending it online.

    Maybe I'll give up self-flaggelation or something.

  4. Penguins!? No!! I love the monarch caterpillar; the painting is gorgeous. As a biologist, I would have loved to receive such a thoughtful gift. I am certain that your father in law appreciated it.

  5. What a thought provoking blog, Lisa. Thanks for leading me here! Your thoughts on cell phones was interesting. People in my German class are constantly turning to their phones - it's really annoying. None of them are Germans; few are Europeans. When I leave class here in Berlin, no one is on a cell phone. Cell phones are crazy expensive here.

    And really, I think that Europeans are more in touch with simpler lives. Stores are still closed here on Sundays. Homes are generally smaller. People walk/bike/take public transportation even in small towns. Like you, I often think about the reasons why... and sadly, I can see why the joke of us Americans being capitalist pigs is sort of true.

    Great thoughts! Bold Lent move, too. You are quite on the ball!

  6. Oh - and here are my thoughts on cell phones:


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