Friday, January 8, 2010

Flying by

The other night while I was out for a chilly tricycle ride with the girls I ran into my neighbor who commented " Oh I'm sure you're glad to have them out of that stroller".  I felt like I had been stabbed.  Really.  I miss those days. Those two sweet girls in the double stroller. I got some sustained cardio for sure but I'm reminded that I wished it away at the time.

Looking through all of my photos for a picture of Betsy I saw some photos made on hard, trying days.

  But there were so many more days that were sweet and lazy.  I'm afraid of the school year/organized sports/ I'm too cool for you Mom years . kindergarten.  I want to savor the minutes. the days. the mornings of jammies till Sesame street, just wandering around the neighborhood trying to find something to do.

My mom tried to tell me that these are the the best years of my life.  Why is that so hard to recognize when you are in the midst of it?

Time is flying by.


  1. You are so right. I have done my share of wishing away too. Working on doing more savoring this year. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. My Bible study leader said: time flies but the days drag on... very apt for our phase of life. Some days seem to drag on FOREVER and then we blink and our kids are into a whole 'nother phase of life and we wonder when they started putting their socks on themselves or having color preferences or ....

  3. OH HOW true.
    I am so very annoying to everyone with a small child - I just gaze at them with longing for days gone by - and I usually TELL them that's why I'm staring all weepy eyed...
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls at their tween stage, but OH HOW I miss those passies, the sippie cups, the smell of sweet curls after a bath with Johnson's baby shampoo.....
    I do miss it - eversomuch.
    Michelle J


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